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Spotlight: Linda Spradley Dunn, the woman behind Odyssey Media

Each month I am privileged to travel the country and see the impact of incredible leaders taking action to connect communities. It's an honor to spotlight the people behind the programs that make a difference in our lives.

This month I salute Linda Spradley Dunn, CEO and Founder of Odyssey Media for her important work partnering with Fortune 500 companies to provide multicultural marketing strategies through creating a network of women of color. In May, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Odyssey gathering in Florida and learning from the incredible lineup of women of color as part of the world-class executive retreat.

Linda grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida and spent fourteen years navigating and excelling at IBM before having the insight to start one of the first healthcare call centers in the country. Linda has started several businesses in her career. Odyssey Media is a marketing and communications company which has executed conferences, business retreats, and media for over 17 years.

Linda Spradley Dunn, CEO and Founder of Odyssey Media

Linda is a connector. Linda has been successful in technology, healthcare and media because she pursued her passion for empowerment with confidence. It's an honor to salute Linda, for more information on Odyssey Media and follow on Facebook for future events.

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